Tyd & Thyme Website

This project was created for a small business that operates out of California. Tyd&Thyme is a subscription box company that provides wedding planning and creative services in a monthly box. Boxes include a curated combination of planning materials and samples for stationary and decor, designed by the Tyd&Thyme team. It’s like your maid-of-honor, in a box, on your doorstep. The main idea for the website is to create a welcoming, informational environment for brides to explore how Tyd&Thyme fits into their wedding planning process. To explore more, visit
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EMPWR Website

The EMPWR website was created to support a women’s conference of interdisciplinary creative fields. The site was designed with intention of appealing to cross-industry creatives including calligraphers, photographers, graphic designers, hand-letterers, and social media influencers. The site was coded completely from scratch using HTML and CSS code in Dreamweaver. To view the live site, please visit
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