Winery Infographic

This infographic was created to inform about California wineries. Three sections were highlighted, the Northern, Central, and Southern regions. Within each region, three wineries were featured. Each winery was visualized by one of their wines, designed using elements of taste from that wine. For example, the Bernardo Winery Rosado has raspberry notes, therefore raspberries are used in the visual. Similar design methods were used throughout the 9 winery features. This project is accompanied by a California Winery Membership box, which will be photographed and posted soon. The box includes three wine bottle designs, three chocolate packages, two membership tickets, and a small informational publication. To be notified when the package designs are live online, please e-mail
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People’s Market Logo

People’s Market is a healthy, natural restaurant and grocer in Orinda, California. The mission of the company is to create a resource for those to achieve healthy eating while also needing quick, convenient meals. Whether you’re stopping by to shop for dinner ingredients after yoga class or grabbing a quick bowl for lunch, People’s Market has what you need. Licensed health specialists are stationed throughout the store to help you craft your quick meal or intricate dinner plans. The logomark is intended to be inviting, fresh, and friendly. The “People’s” mark is hand-lettered to create a homemade connotation with the consumer.
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Millennium Wellness Logo

Millennium Wellness is a low-cost medical clinic for those who are unable to afford healthcare. The logomark was created by combining a clean, thin, open sans serif typeface (to represent the clean atmosphere of medicine) with the inviting heart icons over the two “m” forms in millennium. They are at the beginning and end of the word, intending to be embracing the word as a whole.
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